SLC 2016

September 24
slc-16-001  IPMS SLC hosted a fun and sucessful event.  Here are the numbers. 68 modelers 290 entries 300+ models in competition and on display States represented: Utah, Idaho, New Mexico slc-16-002  Loic A. showed up with an RC Sherman complete with sound effects. slc-16-003 slc-16-004  I didn't get photos of all the vendor tables but you get the idea
slc-16-005  There were some great deals to be had slc-16-006  1/32 B-17... That's a big kit! slc-16-007 slc-16-008  Five Mad Dog Modelers made the trip
slc-16-009  The venue was just the right size.  There is another half of additional space for expansion in the future. slc-16-010 slc-16-011 slc-16-012  Judges' Grand award winner - by Bruce Bogdan
slc-16-013 slc-16-014 slc-16-015 slc-16-016
slc-16-017 slc-16-018 slc-16-019 slc-16-020
slc-16-021  Bruce Hunt's 1/32 Albatross B.11 won Favorite Biplane, Curt Grinaker Memorial Best Military Subject, Judges' Best Aircraft, and People's Choice Award slc-16-022 slc-16-023  Bruce added the wound elements to the engine slc-16-024  He also masked and painted interior wing structures, including the crosses, to replicate light passing through the doped fabric material
slc-16-025  The turnbuckles are 3D printed, and expensive slc-16-026 slc-16-027  The wood grain looks spot-on slc-16-028  3rd Place Biplane award went to a 1/32 Sopwith Pub by Dave Moyes
slc-16-029 slc-16-030 slc-16-031  2nd Place Biplane award went to Scott Lords for his 1/48 Albatross DIII slc-16-032
slc-16-033  1st Place 1/32 radial prop went to Patrick Brown for his Hasegawa N1K2 George slc-16-034 slc-16-035 slc-16-036  Jared Muszala took 1st place in 1/32 inline prop with his 1/32 Kittyhawk P-39.  He hand- painted the nose art.
slc-16-037  Jared also received the sponsored award, "A Bloody Shambles! Favorite Allied Plane used in Pacific Theater 12/2/41 through 4/30/42" slc-16-038  Rob Humphrey took 2nd Place with his 1/32 Special Hobby P-39 slc-16-039 slc-16-040
slc-16-041  Kent Eckhart's 1/32 Hasegawa Bf-109K took 1st Place in the Detail Large Prop category slc-16-042 slc-16-043 slc-16-044  3rd Place 1/48 Stock Box went to George Miconi's He-219
slc-16-045  I should have taken the photo from the other side to show Scott Lord's signature hand-painted nose art slc-16-046 slc-16-047 slc-16-048
slc-16-049 slc-16-050  1st Place Detail 1/48 Prop TBM Avenger by Jared Muszala slc-16-051 slc-16-052
slc-16-053 slc-16-054 slc-16-055  Scott Lords' 1/48 V-1 vs. Tempest won 1st Place for Aircraft Vignette and Judge's Best Vignette slc-16-056
slc-16-057 slc-16-058 slc-16-059 slc-16-060
slc-16-061 slc-16-062 slc-16-063 slc-16-064
slc-16-64b  Scott Lords' 1/48 B-58 Hustler won Favorite USAF Subject sponsored by IPMS Boise Mad Dogs slc-16-065 slc-16-066 slc-16-067
slc-16-068  3rd Place Detail 1/48 Jet went to Patrick Brown's MiG-17 slc-16-069 slc-16-070  1st Place 1/48 Detail Jet went to Ed Nirel's F-5A (shown in back) while 2nd Place went to fred Krause's F-5E Aggressor slc-16-071
slc-16-072 slc-16-073  Favorite Russian/Soviet Subject went to Kent Barney's Su-30 slc-16-074 slc-16-075
slc-16-076 slc-16-077  Richard Engar won 1st and 3rd Place awards in 1/144 for his KC-135A and KC-135E slc-16-078  Bill Engar took the 2nd Place award in 1/144 Jet with his B-2 slc-16-079
slc-16-081  2nd Place Rotary Wing went to Robert Wicks' 1/72 UH-1B and 3rd Place went to Mario Quant's 1/48 UH-1H slc-16-082 slc-16-083 slc-16-084  3rd Place 1/35 Detail Armor went to Patrick Brown's JS3M in Egyptian service
slc-16-085 slc-16-086 slc-16-087 slc-16-088
slc-16-089  Patrick Brown took 1st Place in 1/35 Detail armor with his Syrian Panzer IV. slc-16-090 slc-16-091 slc-16-092
slc-16-093 slc-16-094 slc-16-095 slc-16-096  2nd Place 1/35 Detail armor went to the JS-152 by Jeff Lamb
slc-16-097 slc-16-098 slc-16-099  Patrick Brown's Type 74 Main Battle Tank took 1st Place Vintage Armor slc-16-100
slc-16-101 slc-16-102 slc-16-103 slc-16-104  1st Place Stock Box 1/35 Armor and Judges' Best Armor went to a Mk. IV Tadpole by Jeff lamb
slc-16-105 slc-16-106 slc-16-107 slc-16-108  Patrick Brown's Mk. IV Female took 2nd place in 1/35 Stock Box armor
slc-16-109 slc-16-110 slc-16-111 slc-16-112
slc-16-113 slc-16-114 slc-16-115  3rd Place 1/35 Armor Stock Box went to Brandon Mikkelsen's KV-1E slc-16-116
slc-16-117 slc-16-118 slc-16-119  George Miconi's 8.8cm Flak 18 won 1st Place Artillery slc-16-120
slc-16-121  1st Place 1/35 Soft Skin Sd.Kfz 2.2 by Patrick Brown slc-16-122  2nd Place 1/35 Soft Skin Turtle by LaVar Lowther slc-16-123 slc-16-124
slc-16-125 slc-16-126 slc-16-127  Lincoln Sanford's Siegfried Line 88 Gun Emplacemenet won 2nd Place Diorama, Armor slc-16-128
slc-16-129  1st Place Diorama, Armor went to Lincoln Sanford's Jagdpanther, Normandy slc-16-130 slc-16-131 slc-16-132
slc-16-133  2015 Mustang GT's wer popular in the Curbside category.  1st Place went to Ace Rider's orange 'stang, 2nd Place went to Paul Bringhurst's 'stang, and 3rd Place went to Richard Engar's chrome 'stang slc-16-134 slc-16-135 slc-16-136
slc-16-137 slc-16-138 slc-16-139 slc-16-140  Kent Eckhart won the Shep Paine Memorial: Favorite Figure with his late war Luftwaffe Pilot
slc-16-141  John Thirion won Judges' Best Figure with his Teutonic Knight.  (Sorry I got your eyes closing Richard.) slc-16-141b  Scott Lords receives his Favorite USAF Subject award from the Boise Mad Dog Modelers slc-16-142  Congratulations to Bruce Bogdan for winning the Judges Grand award with his HMS Prince of Wales.  He also won Judges' Best Ship & Jim Ashauer Memorial Best Military Subject.