October - Boise Fall Show

Our inaugural show was a big success with over 400 entries. Thanks to our sponsors, Foothills Christian Church, IPMS Salt Lake City, and JAC Hobbies.com!
BoiseFall2015-001  The dogs stepped up to put on a full-featured show.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered!  We couldn't have done it without you!  Phil Peterson has a gallery with over 450 photos posted  here. BoiseFall2015-002  Thanks to Jeff D'Andrea for all the artwork and procuring great looking awards. BoiseFall2015-003  IPMS Salt Lake City sponsored the Judges' Grand award. BoiseFall2015-004  **Judge's Grand Winner** Rodney Mead, from Moscow ID, scratch-built this awesome USS St. Lous (CL-49) Cruiser
BoiseFall2015-005  Richard Engar presents the Judges' Grand Award to Rodney.  Congratulations! BoiseFall2015-006  And the People's Choice Award goes to... BoiseFall2015-007  1/48 B-58 Hustler by Scott Lords.  **People's Choice Award Winner**  Outstanding job on a 30 year old vintage kit. BoiseFall2015-008
BoiseFall2015-009  gold medals BoiseFall2015-009b  silver medals BoiseFall2015-009c  bronze medals BoiseFall2015-010
BoiseFall2015-011 BoiseFall2015-012 BoiseFall2015-013 BoiseFall2015-014
BoiseFall2015-015 BoiseFall2015-016 BoiseFall2015-017 BoiseFall2015-018
BoiseFall2015-019 BoiseFall2015-020 BoiseFall2015-021  Mad Dog John Cromarty led the Make 'N Take activity. BoiseFall2015-022
BoiseFall2015-023 BoiseFall2015-024 BoiseFall2015-025  "Where do these parts go?"  It's all in the instructions. BoiseFall2015-026
BoiseFall2015-027 BoiseFall2015-028 BoiseFall2015-029 BoiseFall2015-030
BoiseFall2015-031 BoiseFall2015-032 BoiseFall2015-033 BoiseFall2015-034
BoiseFall2015-035 BoiseFall2015-035b BoiseFall2015-036 BoiseFall2015-036b  Mark Russell's estate kits provided plenty of excitement for the raffle and door prizes.  Two lucky raffle winners also won $25 gift certificates from  JAC Hobbies.
BoiseFall2015-037 BoiseFall2015-038 BoiseFall2015-039 BoiseFall2015-040
BoiseFall2015-040b BoiseFall2015-041 BoiseFall2015-042 BoiseFall2015-043
BoiseFall2015-044 BoiseFall2015-045 BoiseFall2015-045b BoiseFall2015-046
BoiseFall2015-047 BoiseFall2015-048 BoiseFall2015-049 BoiseFall2015-050
BoiseFall2015-051 BoiseFall2015-052 BoiseFall2015-052b BoiseFall2015-053
BoiseFall2015-054 BoiseFall2015-055 BoiseFall2015-056 BoiseFall2015-057
BoiseFall2015-058 BoiseFall2015-059 BoiseFall2015-060 BoiseFall2015-061
BoiseFall2015-062 BoiseFall2015-063 BoiseFall2015-064  Terry Falk set up a large display of his kits, including rare vintage models.  Bill Place displayed his collection of 1/6 Dragon figures. BoiseFall2015-065
BoiseFall2015-066  Patrick Brown brought his Saint-Chamond, as featured in   November's Fine Scale Modeler. BoiseFall2015-067 BoiseFall2015-068 BoiseFall2015-069
BoiseFall2015-070 BoiseFall2015-071 BoiseFall2015-072 BoiseFall2015-073
BoiseFall2015-074 BoiseFall2015-075 BoiseFall2015-076 BoiseFall2015-077
BoiseFall2015-078 BoiseFall2015-079 BoiseFall2015-080 BoiseFall2015-081
BoiseFall2015-082 BoiseFall2015-083 BoiseFall2015-084 BoiseFall2015-085
BoiseFall2015-086 BoiseFall2015-087 BoiseFall2015-088 BoiseFall2015-089
BoiseFall2015-090 BoiseFall2015-091 BoiseFall2015-092 BoiseFall2015-093
BoiseFall2015-094 BoiseFall2015-095 BoiseFall2015-096 BoiseFall2015-097
BoiseFall2015-098 BoiseFall2015-099 BoiseFall2015-100 BoiseFall2015-101
BoiseFall2015-102 BoiseFall2015-103 BoiseFall2015-104 BoiseFall2015-105
BoiseFall2015-106 BoiseFall2015-107 BoiseFall2015-108 BoiseFall2015-109