We met in a different room this month. Please tell us if you like the new room better or prefer going back to the previous room.
02-2016-01 02-2016-02 02-2016-03 02-2016-04 02-2016-05 02-2016-05b  Revell 1/24 Ricky Rudd '96 Chevy Lumina by John Wilch
02-2016-06  Modeler and author   Ken McConnell  showcased another three of his sci-fi designs. 02-2016-07    Terrox Starfighter  scratch build by Ken McConnell. 02-2016-08 02-2016-09 02-2016-10  Sorry Ken.  I didn't catch the name for this one.  Another scratch build by Ken McConnell 02-2016-11
02-2016-12 02-2016-13 02-2016-14    1/350  GCU Griffin  scratch build in progress by Ken McConnell. 02-2016-15 02-2016-16  1/48 Revell B-25 by Kevin Stafford 02-2016-17  This was Kevin's first meeting.  Welcome!
02-2016-18  Monogram 1/48 F-104 Starfighter by Jim Burton 02-2016-19 02-2016-20  Universal Monsters 1/8 Frankenstein by Don Vandervoort 02-2016-21  Don replaced the kit head with a scratch-built sculpture 02-2016-22 02-2016-23  Tamiya 1/32 P-51D Mustang by Steve Luckinbill
02-2016-24  Steve used Alclad lacquer over a flat black primer for his natural metal finish. 02-2016-25  One figure is from the Tamiya kit and the other two are resin Verlinden figures. 02-2016-26 02-2016-27 02-2016-28  Hasegawa 1/32 Ki-43 Hayabusa Oscar in Manchurian markings by Brian Geiger 02-2016-29
02-2016-30 02-2016-31  USS Walker destroyer.  Terry Falk bought this wood carved model from a local second hand store 02-2016-32  This ship had a long service record from 1944-1969, seeing action in WWII, Korea, and Veitnam.  It survived Kamikaze attacks as well as being a recovery ship for a Mercury space flight. 02-2016-33  Tamiya 1/350 New Jersey Battleship (in progress) by Konstantin Rickford 02-2016-34 02-2016-35  Takom 1/35 St. Chamond WWI heavy tank in  progress by John Thirion
02-2016-36  Wingnut Wings 1/32 Roland D.VIa in progress by John Thirion