04-2015-01 04-2015-02 04-2015-02b  It's come to this now... 04-2015-03
04-2015-03b  Everyone's a comedian... 04-2015-04 04-2015-05  This month's entries for Model of the Month 04-2015-06  *MODEL OF THE MONTH*
04-2015-07  George Bacon strikes again! 04-2015-08  1/35 Dragon Jagdpanther early by George Bacon.  George moved the pioneer tools from the sides to the rear, as was done to prevent gear from being removed while passing through trees. 04-2015-09  George made his own zimmerit anti-magnetic mine texture by scribing thin sheet styrene with an X-Acto blade. 04-2015-10  See more details on George's build   here
04-2015-11 04-2015-12 04-2015-13  1/32 Revell Messerschmitt Bf 109 K-4 by Tom Gloeckle 04-2015-14
04-2015-15  Tom added an Aires cockpit set with eduard fabric seat belts. 04-2015-16  1/32 Airfix Aston Martin DBR9 by Tom Gloeckle 04-2015-17 04-2015-18
04-2015-19  1/72 Revell (Germany) Bell AH-1 Cobra by John Wilch 04-2015-20 04-2015-21 04-2015-22  Herb brought a trio this month.
04-2015-23  1/144 Anigrand XFV-1 Salmon by Herb Arnold 04-2015-24  1/144 Anigrand XF-91 Thunderceptor by Herb Arnold 04-2015-25 04-2015-26  1/144 Revell Martin P6M Seamaster by Herb Arnold
04-2015-27 04-2015-28 04-2015-29  1/32 Monogram P-51D Mustang by Terry Falk 04-2015-30
04-2015-31 04-2015-32  Finally!  ...a new 1/35 Somua S35 kit to take the place of the 1977 Heller release.  Thanks Tamiya! 04-2015-33  Brian wanted to give the S35 medium tank some context so he brought in Tamiya's Char B1 tank. 04-2015-34  Which way to Albuquerque?
04-2015-35  1/35 Tamiya Char B1 bis by Brian Geiger 04-2015-36  Brian added Dragon Gen2 figures of Germania division soldiers detailed with stretched sprue, lead foil, and wire. 04-2015-37