Racing theme contest
11-2015-001  Herb Arnold describes his tiny 1/72 Gee Bee R2 11-2015-002 11-2015-003  We discussed the results of last month's Fall Show.  Success! 11-2015-004  Bob Olson shows off his Gee Bee racer.
11-2015-005  Here is an aerial pass of the display tables. 11-2015-006 11-2015-007 11-2015-008
11-2015-009 11-2015-010 11-2015-011 11-2015-012  This month's theme entries
11-2015-013  And the winners are... 11-2015-014  1st Place - Amodel 1/72 Gee Bee R2 by Herb Arnold 11-2015-015  Sorry I didn't get a photo of the opposite side of the plane.  Herb added a full interior and engine detail from scratch.  An open panel is visible on the other side. 11-2015-016
11-2015-017  2nd Place - Roden X-15 by Randy Hall 11-2015-018 11-2015-019  3rd Place - 1/24 Dale Earnhart Monte Carlo by Bill Speece. 11-2015-020
11-2015-021  Williams Bro's 1/32 Gee Bee R2 by Bob Olson 11-2015-022  Bob added a colorful twist to this vintage kit. 11-2015-023  *MODEL OF THE MONTH* 11-2015-024  Dragon 1/35 Flak panzer I by Michael Borden
11-2015-025  Michael added Friul metal tracks. 11-2015-026  Maybe this should have been in the racing theme since it was a tool of  the "master race". 11-2015-027  This smart kit includes photo etch and interior detail. 11-2015-028  1/144 BAE Harrier AV-8S in Royal Tai Navy service by Herb Arnold
11-2015-029  These photos obscure just how small the Harrier is in 1/144 scale.. 11-2015-030  1/144 BAE Harrier GR.3  by Herb Arnold 11-2015-031 11-2015-031b  Batman bust sculpture (scratch from Sculpey) by Don Vandervoort
11-2015-032  Ultracast 1/32 Late War Luftwaffe Pilot by Kent Eckhart 11-2015-033  Sculptor Mike Good, seems to be working on a sponsorship from R. J. Reynolds. 11-2015-034 11-2015-035
11-2015-036  Trumpeter 1/144 F-14A Tomcat by Randy Hall 11-2015-037 11-2015-038  Minicraft 1/144 C-47A by Randy Hall 11-2015-039
11-2015-040  ICM 1/35 Panzer II F Flamingo (flame thrower) by Brian Geiger 11-2015-041 11-2015-042  Dragon 1/35 Sturminfanteriegesch├╝tz III by Brian Geiger 11-2015-043
11-2015-044  Tamiya 1/35 KV-II early by Brian Geiger 11-2015-045  Brian added a resin turret, PE parts, metal barrel, and replaced the wheels with resin and metal aftermarket parts. 11-2015-046  Sargent Highgear 1/25 scratch-built conversion to Pixar Cars movie by Jim Burton 11-2015-047  Evidentially, there are still more characters to be added to Jim's ever-expanding collection.
11-2015-048  The Queen 1/25 scratch-built "Cars" conversion by Jim Burton 11-2015-049 11-2015-049b  Wayne Keith continues to make progress on his wood RC boat. 11-2015-050  Italeri 1/35 T-34/76 M by George Bacon
11-2015-051  Once again, George bypassed the newer Dragon kit and reworked the old Italeri kit. 11-2015-052  George added PE parts, resin wheels, brass rod, and separate track links. 11-2015-053  See more details on George's build   here 11-2015-054
11-2015-055 11-2015-056  Dragon 1/35 Saladin Mk II by Tom Gloeckle 11-2015-057 11-2015-058  Andrea 90mm Turcopole 12th Century by John Thirion
11-2015-059 11-2015-060  Takom 1/35 305mm Skoda Siege Howitzer WWI by John Thirion 11-2015-061 11-2015-062